What Kind of Commercial Insurance Covers Attorneys At Law

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Professional Liability Insurance

This is also known as E&O (Errors in Omission). This type of commercial insurance product deals with the professions where advice is given to clients. In addition to the main type of insurance that attorneys must carry, many other professions such as insurance brokers must carry this type of insurance as well. If an attorney incurs liability, usually via a civil lawsuit due to negligence in giving sufficient information to a client, which then leads to harm or damage to that client, this insurance will cover the inherent liability.

If an attorney also has an office where they practice law and see clients or potential clients they will have to have a commercial property insurance policy as well as a casualty insurance policy to cover liability exposure due to the presence of a structure.

Having a professional insurance agent decipher your individual areas of liability is important.

Put on The Full Armor

Putting on the full armor in this situation means that you have a relationship with your Armor Insurance Group agent. As your business grows, new liabilities and exposures for liability grow. That means your commercial insurance policy will change and evolve. This is not a one shot deal. 

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