Three features Virginia Beach condo owners should look for in their insurance policy

Virginia Beach, VA area condo owners can rely on the folks at Armor Insurance Group to help with all their insurance needs. Protecting your condo requires a policy that meets your individual and unique needs. Let us help you find an appropriate policy today.

Three features Virginia Beach condo owners should look for in their insurance policy.

Owning a condo often means enjoying a less stressful lifestyle. Before choosing your condo insurance policy, be sure to consider these factors:

  1. Comprehensive damage protection – while condo units may require less maintenance than a home, there is still a need for comprehensive protection when it comes to damage. Before selecting a policy, fully understand your condo board’s stipulations and requirements.
  2. Liability coverage – ensure you are protected if someone is injured or experiences a loss while in your condo unit. No one wants to be held financially responsible for an accident, which makes liability protection even more critical. 
  3. Sufficient policy limits to meet their needs – determine precisely how much insurance you need to protect your condo fully. Your lender or condo board may also have policy limit requirements, so be sure to check for those before obtaining your condo insurance policy.

We are here to help you determine your coverage needs and then help you select a policy that provides the insurance protection you need. 

Let us help you with all of your insurance needs.

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