Seven Steps to Winterize Your Motorhome

Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Motorhome owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area can still enjoy the pleasures of the open road, even in the darkest months of the year. Use these tips from Armor Insurance Group to get your motorhome ready for some winter fun.

  • Give your vehicle a good scrub down, inside and out – A thorough cleansing improves indoor air quality, which is vital in small and enclosed spaces. Leave the doors open and allow the air to sweep out any extra particles before you repack everything.
  • Keep a close eye on the weather – Sudden storms can leave you stranded without access to help. Check the weather forecast several days in advance before leaving your home.
  • Invest in a catalytic heater – These devices are perfect for heating your motorhome when you aren’t connected to grid energy. Not only does that give you more options for outdoor docking, but it’s also a safeguard for times when you can’t make it to a powered parking spot.
  • Insulate your water and sewage lines to prevent freezing while on the road – At night, turn off your water supply and open all your faucets to keep lines clear of icy clogs.
  • Plan ahead – Many campgrounds close during the winter. Get in contact with campgrounds along your route to ensure you’ll have a comfortable place to stay.
  • Plug up drafty spots – Use caulk or another hardening material to seal up cracks around doors, windows, and hatches.
  • Keep your freshwater tanks full to ensure your plumbing stays in working order.

Armor Insurance Group offers motorhome insurance for residents int he Virginia Beach, VA area. Contact us for more information on winter motorhome safety.