Can You Take Out Life Insurance on Your Parents?

Life insurance is a tricky thing to understand, but we have some basic guidelines that can help make understanding easier. It is always helpful to learn just who you can hold a life insurance policy on and who you cannot. For those that live in the Virginia Beach, VA area, the agents with Armor Insurance Group can help you tailor the perfect policy.

Life insurance is something that is great to have for yourself and your family. There are some rules, however, that pertain to who you can take a policy out on and who you cannot. You can, of course, take coverage out on yourself, your spouse, or your children because you have a vested interest in their lives and wellbeing. You would also be responsible for funeral costs should something happen to them. You can also take out insurance policies on other members of your family, but you must have a vested interest in their wellbeing.

An excellent example of this is taking out a policy on parents that live with you or that you take care of in your own home. You cannot simply take out a policy on your parents if they are in good health and take care of themselves as they are not going to be in need of care. If you are the legal guardian of your parents, you can certainly take out an insurance policy on your parents to help take care of their funeral costs should they die. When you are thinking about taking out an insurance policy on anyone, you should take the time to figure out who you can legally have coverage on and who you cannot.

For those that live in the Virginia Beach, VA area, the agents with Armor Insurance Group can help you adapt your policy to fit your needs. Reach out to our offices to learn more.

Are Friends Covered Under Your Car Insurance?

If you’re like most car owners, you probably have reservations about loaning out your car. Having someone borrow your car, even occasionally, can be risky, especially if you’re not sure they’re covered under your insurance policy. Understanding how your car insurance works can help alleviate any doubts you may have concerning “guest” drivers. Here are a few ways in which auto insurance from Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA, protects family and friends when they borrow your vehicle.

Family (Household Members)

Relatives who live with you are considered members of your household and are automatically covered by your auto insurance when borrowing your vehicle, as long as they have a valid driver’s license. This includes a son, daughter, sibling, spouse, parent, etc. Even a friend who lives with you full time is protected by your insurance coverage. Your insurer may even require you to list these people on your policy to avoid misunderstandings concerning coverage.

Extended Family Visiting Your Home

Relatives who borrow your car while visiting your home are also protected by your insurance if they have a valid driver’s license and you permit them to drive the vehicle. As a precaution against accidents, you may want to limit vehicle borrowing to safe drivers.   


Friends will also be protected under your car insurance policy if they have your permission to borrow your vehicle. Permissive use comes in handy when going on long road trips as you can share driving responsibilities. Drivers who aren’t on your policy, however, may receive less liability coverage if they were to have an accident when driving your vehicle.

Through permissive use, family and friends can be protected by your auto insurance when borrowing your vehicle. Quality insurance coverage from Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA will ensure you and others receive the protection you need.   

What Type of Commercial Insurance Do I Need?

Owning a business is a dream for many people. For those that do own a business, many different business decisions need to be made. One type of important decision that needs to be made is choosing the right insurance policy. For business owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area, there are several types of coverage that need to be in place with a commercial insurance policy.

Workers Compensation

Depending on the number of employees that you have, maintaining workers compensation coverage is a necessity. Workers compensation will provide you and your employees with coverage in the event they are injured while they are at work. Businesses in Virginia are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance if they have three or more full or part-time employees. 

Liability Coverage

Another important type of coverage that all businesses need to have is liability coverage. If your company produces a product or provides a service, it will be taking on some liability every time a customer uses the product or service. If someone is injured and sues your business, the liability coverage will provide you protection against these potential damages. 

Property Coverage

If you own your place of business, you will also want to have property coverage. This will provide you with coverage if your property is damaged by a storm or if your property is vandalized. This type of coverage will be required by your commercial mortgage lender as well.  

For business owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area, choosing the right commercial insurance policy can be a confusing matter. To ensure you are able to understand all of your insurance needs, meeting with the Armor Insurance Group could be a good option. Armor Insurance Group will walk you through all of your insurance needs and help you get the right policy.  

What’s The Difference Between Auto Insurance And Motor Home Insurance?

Your recreational vehicle (RV) is more than just a vehicle – it’s a lifestyle on wheels, and your home away from home when you hit the open road. Your RV gets you from your Virginia Beach, VA home to where you’re going, but also offers conveniences and comforts you won’t experience traveling in an automobile. So, what is the difference between motorhome insurance and car insurance?

Motor Home Policies Are Categorized To Different Specifications

While your motorhome insurance shares some similarities of coverage and limits with auto insurance, they have different specifications. Unlike auto insurance, motorhome insurance coverage takes into account the size of your recreation vehicle and issues coverage by category. For example, luxury coaches, motor coaches and converted buses up to 75 feet are Class A, while camper vans and travel trailers are Class B. Fifth wheels, smaller vehicles and extended cab campers are Class C.

Just as with your car insurance, your Armor Insurance Group RV policy will cover collision, comprehensive, liability, and uninsured or underinsured coverage, but you can also obtain coverage for your interior, interior belongings, windshield breakage, and other coverage specifically designed to meet the specific needs of motorhomes. Unlike auto insurance, you can obtain coverage to protect your motorhome if you live in it full-time or when vacationing at campsites. You can also get coverage for towing and emergency services.

Do I Need RV Insurance?

You need insurance coverage when operating a motorhome or RV, but you may not need insurance coverage for a pop-up trailer, fifth wheel, or towable travel trailer that does not operate with its own power. However, it’s a smart idea, as insurance coverage will protect trailers from damage or loss due to theft, vandalism or weather-related incidents.

At Armor Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on providing answers to all your insurance questions. For more information about insurance coverage for your motorhome, automobile, or Virginia Beach, VA home, give us a call today.


3 Ways to Prepare Your RV for Summer Road Trips

With summer right around the corner, RV owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area are dreaming about their next adventure. Before you head out on the road, use these tips to get your rig ready.

  • Clean your RV, inside and out. No matter how well you cleaned it before putting it away for the winter season, you’re likely to find some mustiness, forgotten food, or damage from minor leakage. Spend some time making sure everything is tidy so you can fully enjoy your time out. Check for damage on the outside, including the tires, engines, and hose connectors. Let a mechanic top off the fluids and do a quick sweep of the mechanics if you’re planning on taking a long trip.
  • Make sure your RV insurance policy is up-to-date. If you put your policy on a seasonal hold, call the insurance representatives to have it reinstated. Ask them to go over the coverage details of your policy and for new cards to be sent. Make sure you place the new cards in your rig. Are you sure your RV insurance covers everything? The professionals at Armor Insurance Group can help you assess your coverage needs.
  • Sanitize your freshwater tanks by filling your tank about half full. Then add 1/4 cup of regular household bleach for every 15 gallons of water your tank can hold. A 60-gallon tank would need 1 cup of bleach. Open all the faucets on your RV until the water leaking out smells like bleach. Close them and let sit for 3 to 5 hours. Drain, flush with fresh water, then refill.

Get your RV ready for summer with an insurance policy from Armor Insurance Group. We help RV owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area stay safe while having fun. Contact us today to learn more.

What does Motorcycle insurance cover?

Motorcycles are a popular means of getting around in Virginia Beach, VA. As such, a considerable number of accidents involving motorcycles are reported annually. Further, the effects of these accidents are dangerous and life-threatening in some cases. Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in case of such accidents and other situations which are discussed below. 

Motorcycle insurance coverage options 

Personal injury protection

This covers the medical expenses you accrue after a motorcycle accident. This policy insures the rider regardless of who is at fault. Sometimes your medical bills may threaten to offset you financially. This policy cushions you against that.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers any bodily injury or destruction of property that you may have caused while riding your motorcycle. This protects you from having to pay others’ repair or injury bills. 

Comprehensive coverage

While liability insurance is meant to cover third-party injuries and damages, comprehensive insurance helps repair your bike after an accident. 
The coverage also comes in handy when you lose your motorcycle as a result of theft, or accidental damage. 

Why choose Armor Insurance Group to insure your motorcycle?

Experienced agents

Our agents have worked in the insurance industry for years. As such, they hold expert opinions on all matters insurance and will help you decide on the right coverage options available. 

Tailor-made motorcycle policies

Our motorcycle insurance coverage is tailored to match the needs of Virginia Beach, VA residents. Also, our coverage options are flexible and can be customized to meet your personal needs. 

Hazards are spontaneous, which makes motorcycle insurance vital for any rider. Motorcycle insurance offers you some peace of mind while riding around knowing you are covered in case of an accident. Armor Insurance Group would like to have you on board. Visit or call our office for more information and a quote. Our agents will be happy to help you.

How Can I Prevent Boat Theft?

It’s pretty easy to keep your boat when you’re using it all season, but what happens when you have to store it for a while? When the off-season rolls around in Virginia Beach, VA, it becomes easier for criminals to get a handle on what’s yours. Keep the following boat safety tips in mind from your friends at Armor Insurance Group. 

Store the Boat Away from the Public 

The more out of sight you can make your boat, the better. When people see something every day, they get a chance to understand the patterns that surround it. They may start to formulate a plan to take it without even realizing it, so it’s best to do whatever it takes to keep your boat from everyone’s eye line. 

Look into Marina storage

By finding a good Marina to store your boat, you do not have to worry about the worries of someone hitching your trailer up to their vehicle and casually driving off with your boat. A marina can keep track of your boat and provide proper storage space and overhead coverage.

Additional Measures 

Getting a GPS device is your best bet for recovering your boat if it does happen to be stolen, and it can give the police a solid lead on where to find the criminals so that it doesn’t happen to someone else. Having better boat insurance can help too. The more coverage you have on your boat, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get back out on the water when the time rolls around. If you live in Virginia Beach, VA and have additional questions, call Armor Insurance Group today for more information.

Why you need umbrella insurance if you are a small business owner

Most business owners believe that umbrella insurance should only be reserved for those with large businesses. However, umbrella insurance policy is meant for all types of businesses considering that every business is liable to a significant amount of risk.

Notably, the main function of umbrella insurance policy is to increase your liability limit. Your liability coverage policy can have auto liability, employer’s liability, and general liability coverage but their limits can be exceeded if the claim is serious. According to Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA, these are a few of the ways in which umbrella coverage can help your business.

  • It is very cost effective to have an umbrella policy compared to raising the amount that exceeds your liability limits
  • Your coverage can be expanded to several types of policies under a single umbrella policy
  • The umbrella coverage can help you cover certain claims which might not be covered by your primary liability policies
  • If your business partners are of a high net worth, an umbrella insurance policy will help with high-cost lawsuit settlements
  • Umbrella insurance policies will give you an overall peace of mind since you will have adequate coverage across all your policies.

Apart from helping you with liability settlements, an umbrella insurance policy will also cover legal expenses which might require a significant amount of compensation. In doing so, your business stability will not be threatened due to ongoing lawsuits.

Therefore, running a small business involves numerous expenses. As such, paying an extra fee for umbrella insurance may seem excessive. However, weighing the cost of the umbrella policy against the benefits of the coverage, you will notice that the benefits far outweigh the premiums. Undoubtedly, an umbrella coverage will be less expensive compared to when you opt to extend your policy coverage individually.

Contact us

In this regard, you should consider visiting Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA, to seek more information on the best umbrella coverage for your small business. Our agents can help answer your questions and guide you through policy limits.

When You Need Flood Insurance

Keeping your home properly protected from a calamity is very important. When you are looking to protect your Virginia Beach, VA home, it is essential to have all costly scenarios adequately covered. One additional type of insurance that many should consider getting, but don’t realize is separate from home insurance, is a flood insurance policy. There are two main situations when you will need to have flood insurance.

When you are in a Flood Zone

The federal government has established a flood map that designates which areas of the country are in high-risk flood areas. If your home is in an area that is considered high-risk, your mortgage lender will ask you to acquire flood insurance on top of your normal home insurance policy. In most cases, they will also escrow for your flood insurance costs to ensure that there is not a lapse in coverage. While it is not required by law, many mortgage lenders will also require flood insurance if you are in a moderate risk zone.  

Lack of Flood Protection

Another situation in which you should have flood insurance is if your home does not have adequate flood protection. If your home does not have a flood management system, such as a sump pump, you are vulnerable to the risk of flooding in your home. Since the cost of flood repairs are not often covered by a base home insurance policy, it would be a good idea to purchase the additional coverage. This coverage will protect you in the event a flood damages your home.  

For those that are in the Virginia Beach, VA area and think that they may need flood insurance, please reach out to the Armor Insurance Group immediately. The Armor Insurance Group will be able to provide you with information about whether you need flood insurance and what level of coverage you should receive. Our agents can answer your questions and provide you with a quote.

How is condo insurance different from home insurance?

Buying a condo is a lot like the purchase of a house. You are responsible for a mortgage, you are provided shelter, and your belongings are safe and protected there. However, there are several significant differences between condo insurance and home insurance. Armor Insurance Group, serving Virginia Beach, VA, wants to help you to explore your options.

Coverage of the Building and other Structures

When you insure a house, you have to obtain a policy broad enough to rebuild the entire house if necessary, and any other structures on the property, like fences, carports, or sheds. If you live in a condo, you probably share the space with other people. You only need to insure the inside part of your condo, because everything that is shared will be covered by the Homeowners’ Association insurance policy. This policy will be outlined in the bylaws of the HOA. A covered property will include exterior walls, the roof, parking lot, clubhouse, and even elevators that are part of your Homeowners’ Association. 


A regular homeowner’s insurance policy will help protect against liability, like when someone walking on the sidewalk might slip and fall. Because the HOA is responsible for that part of the property, they will be the ones held liable for any accident that occurs, with few exceptions.

Damages not Covered

It is important to read the policy regarding what is covered and what is not covered by your HOA. For example, most HOAs are not required to have flood insurance. If you incur damages as the result of a flood and do not have flood coverage, you may not be able to recover your losses.

Contact Armor Insurance Group serving Virginia Beach, VA for more information on condo insurance. Our agents can help answer your questions and get you started.