Is Flood Insurance Necessary for Trailers?

At Armor Insurance Group, we’ve seen too many of our Virginia Beach, VA customers fail to get flood insurance for their mobile home. They either don’t think it matters or believes that they cannot buy these types of policies. That is simply not the case.

A Trailer May Qualify For Flood Insurance

Most trailer homes will be able to buy flood insurance if they are attached to a permanent foundation, if it is located in a flood hazard area, and if it has a development permit from the proper authorities. As a development permit is required whenever you live in a mobile home, you should have no difficulties qualifying for flood insurance of some type.

The Types Available

Your trailer home likely qualifies for what is known as a low-to-moderate-risk policy. These are available for just about any home because most fall in this area. They are often as cheap as over $100 a year. However, if you live in higher-risk areas (as defined by the government), you can get high-risk policies. These provide more comprehensive coverage, though low-to-moderate-risk policies still cover a lot.

How It Protects You

When you buy flood insurance policies for your trailer home, you are covering it, its foundation, all of its electrical and plumbing systems, all HVAC units, appliances, carpeting, paneling, bookcases, cabinets, clothing, food, artwork, some books, and much more. You are also getting coverage for debris removal and loss avoidance measures. In most cases, you’ll also get relocation and flood-proofing coverage to help you recover from this devastating situation.

Get Your Trailer Covered Now

Even if you have never experienced a flood in your Virginia Beach, VA mobile home, it is smart to look into a policy and speak with an agent to learn more of its advantages. Contact us at Armor Insurance Group to learn more about flood coverage for trailers and how it can keep you safe.