Is there insurance to protect a business from lawsuits?

Most business owners are aware that the chances of facing a lawsuit are pretty high. A study by Fullbright reports that 90% of American businesses are involved in litigation every year. The average number of lawsuit managed by each company is 37. One useful tool to reduce the risk of serious financial damage is umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance does two things. First, it extends the policy limits of other insurance policies that are named in the umbrella policy. Secondly, it may cover some claims that are not covered at all by other policies.

If a claim is made that exceeds the policy limit of some insurance that is covered by an umbrella policy, first the total amount of the policy limit is paid by the underlying policy and then the umbrella insurance kicks in to cover any excessive amount up to the maximum limit of the umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance can be customized to cover specific types of legal problems. Some legal risks that may be covered are legal fees for false arrest, and claims of libel or slander. Other things that may be covered are discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Consult with your insurance agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving the El Centro, CA area and the surrounding communities to discuss the types of coverage that may be available for your specific needs.

It is very common for umbrella insurance policy limits to be in the multiple millions of dollars. The minimum amount of coverage needed is at least a person’s net worth. If their net worth is $10 million, then the umbrella insurance should be at least that amount. The common sense reason for this is for asset protection in the case of a lawsuit.

It may be even better to go higher for the limit because after the full amount of insurance is exhausted, then a business owner may be liable for the difference needed to pay the settlement or judgment claim.

If you already have umbrella insurance or you need a new policy, talk with your agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA to make sure you have enough insurance to protect your assets and avoid a terrible financial disaster if some unforeseen thing occurs.

Seven Steps to Winterize Your Motorhome

Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Motorhome owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area can still enjoy the pleasures of the open road, even in the darkest months of the year. Use these tips from Armor Insurance Group to get your motorhome ready for some winter fun.

  • Give your vehicle a good scrub down, inside and out – A thorough cleansing improves indoor air quality, which is vital in small and enclosed spaces. Leave the doors open and allow the air to sweep out any extra particles before you repack everything.
  • Keep a close eye on the weather – Sudden storms can leave you stranded without access to help. Check the weather forecast several days in advance before leaving your home.
  • Invest in a catalytic heater – These devices are perfect for heating your motorhome when you aren’t connected to grid energy. Not only does that give you more options for outdoor docking, but it’s also a safeguard for times when you can’t make it to a powered parking spot.
  • Insulate your water and sewage lines to prevent freezing while on the road – At night, turn off your water supply and open all your faucets to keep lines clear of icy clogs.
  • Plan ahead – Many campgrounds close during the winter. Get in contact with campgrounds along your route to ensure you’ll have a comfortable place to stay.
  • Plug up drafty spots – Use caulk or another hardening material to seal up cracks around doors, windows, and hatches.
  • Keep your freshwater tanks full to ensure your plumbing stays in working order.

Armor Insurance Group offers motorhome insurance for residents int he Virginia Beach, VA area. Contact us for more information on winter motorhome safety.


Winter RV Safety Tips For Virginia Beach

There is not an expiration date when it comes to enjoying your RV at various times of the year. You can enjoy spring melts, summer waters, autumnal colors, and winter snow all from the same framed view within your RV. However, RVing in certain weather does require additional safety considerations. At Armor Insurance Group, we want you to be equipped with all the knowledge you need for a safe trip in your RV this winter. 

Top RV Winter Safety Tips 

  • Don’t Take Your Water Systems For Granted. In the summer, spring, and fall, your water systems will likely work the same at all times. However, while traveling in the winter, it is a good idea to take extra precautions for your water lines to avoid them freezing and you not having water. Or worse, the lines busting leaving your RV with water damage. 
  • Check and Double Check Your Tires. Everyone knows icy winter driving can be hazardous in the best of conditions. When it comes to driving a huge RV with all those extra pounds of inertia to stop, it is vital to have the best tires for your vehicle and to check them often. 
  • Test Those Gas Lines. Whatever type of gas you use to heat your tiny home on wheels can pose a risk. So be sure to check, test, and double check those lines often. Errors when it comes to gas can be deadly, so err on the side of caution. 

Contact us at Armor Insurance Group if you want to make sure your RV insurance is up to par before you leave, or if you are in need of new RV insurance. We proudly serve Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding areas with quality insurance. 

Motorcycle insurance coverage options in Virginia

Your motorcycle remains synonymous as far as adventure and freedom are concerned, irrespective of whether you prefer riding a custom chopper, street bike, cruiser, or a touring bike. The breathtaking experience on the open road is mainly every rider’s moment. 

However, with freedom and adventure comes uncertainties since you may never know what lies ahead around the next corner, but with the right insurance coverage, you can help keep yourself protected and your adventure ongoing. At Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA, we help protect what matters to you most.  

Coverage Options for Motorcycle Insurance

Your basic motorcycle insurance policy covers the following:

  • Property damage liability protection: Covers the damages done by your motorcycle in case of an accident.
  • Bodily injury coverage: Pays for any injury made on another person.
  • Guest passenger liability: This particular protection covers the passenger riding with you. 

Premium or optional motorcycle coverages in Virginia include:

  • Roadside assistance: These are premium programs for towing the motorcycle to the nearest workshop.
  • Loss of use coverage: This policy helps replace a damaged motorcycle in case of a crash.
  • Collision: This premium service helps repair or replace your motorbike in case of a crash.
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage: Protects you from damages or injuries from underinsured/uninsured motorists who may be at fault.
  • Medical payment: compensates for medical expenses for you in case of an accident.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive insurance repays all the finances required to replace your motorcycle only when a collision has occurred
  • Personal belongings and carried contents: All the contents that you may be carrying while you ride your motorbike are protected under this insurance policy.

The roads are full of uncertainties and accidents have no warnings, protect yourself, your loved ones, and your iron horse by purchasing motorcycle insurance. For all your insurance needs, Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA is here to assist and keep you safe.


Are Passengers Covered on Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycles are a great way to get around and a great way to have fun with the rider of your choice. There are some concerns however as to the safety of your passengers when riding. In most cases, your motorcycle policy covers a great deal more than you might imagine, and passengers are included. For those that are living in or around the El Centro, CA area, the agents with Armorcrest Insurance Services can help you find the policy that is best for you and your passengers.

Motorcycle insurance covers many things, including your passengers if you are involved in an accident. You passenger is covered on your liability only policy and you can add more coverage as needed. Your basic policy covers passengers up to a certain amount, often, up to $10,000 in medical bills. Any other bills can be obtained from the other driver’s insurance if the accident is not the fault of the motorcycle driver.

If you live in a no-fault state, you will need to contact your own insurance about getting compensation for medical bills so that you can get back to feeling great and living life. Most basic policies are going to cover passengers but you can always add more coverage over the state minimum requirement if you feel the need. For those drivers that always have a passenger, it may be beneficial to add more coverage to your policy for passengers. If you are almost always alone, you may not need to add more coverage.

For those that live in the El Centro, CA area, the agents with Armorcrest Insurance Services can help you find the policy that is going to work best for you and for your passengers to make sure that they are safe while riding.  

Features of boat insurance

Before purchasing boat insurance or getting your vessel out on the water in Virginia Beach, VA, there are vital features and things you need to know about the policy. Many boat owners enjoy boating and the sense of freedom they find while on the open water with close friends and family. But, before you embark on the next boating adventure, read to understand the important features of boat insurance from Armor Insurance Group.

It is important

Unfortunately, some cruise the waters comfortably thinking that their home insurance policies protect their boats. In most cases, this is not true because a homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover large boats. Therefore, if your boat has an engine or is an expensive vessel, you should consider purchasing a separate policy to ensure that you’re fully protected.

It is Unique

Although there are a few similarities between your auto, home, and boat insurance, there are several factors that make these coverages different. For example, you can take cash value or consider a replacement cost on your boat insurance for total loss, the same way you can with your home insurance. However, the Armor Insurance Group’s boat insurance policy is unique in the sense that it has a feature that allows you to suspend the policy when the boat is not in use. You can’t suspend home or auto insurance the same way. In other words, you can decide to save some quick bucks during off season.

Differences in coverages

A majority of boat owners get confused by the differences in the coverage options of boat insurance. For instance, your vessel is covered by your individual insurance when it is in the water. But, when your boat is attached to your truck, especially when traveling, it is then covered by your auto insurance policy. And, your home insurance may protect your boat if it gets damaged while on your property.

It is important to avoid liabilities and protect yourself financially by purchasing sufficient boat insurance for your vessel. You can contact us today to learn more about Armor Insurance Group and how our boat insurance can help you protect your boat in Virginia Beach, VA.


How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is personal liability insurance that will kick in if your claim is larger than your homeowners or auto insurance coverage limit. Umbrella insurance can also cover additional liability that may not be included in these policies, such as libel, slander, and false imprisonment. Umbrella insurance cannot be purchased separately. It must be purchased as additional coverage when you already have homeowners and auto insurance in place.

Many things could happen that could cause you to get sued, to the point where your home insurance is not enough. This could include your dog attacking a neighbor, your daughter getting into a fight at school, causing a ten car pileup while driving, or your teenager throwing a house party that breaks multiple things in the house or injuries that gets you sued by party guests or when someone gets a DUI. If any of these events happen and your primary coverage is not enough, then umbrella insurance comes into the picture.

Court Fees

If one of these things happens and you get sued, and the jury sides with the person who sued you, you will have to pay damages. If those costs were to reach $1 million, but your homeowner’s insurance only covers $500,000, you would be on the hook for that additional money. Without umbrella insurance, money may come out of retirement accounts, savings, or future wages will be taken.  

It can be hard to determine if you need umbrella insurance, but it can’t hurt to have it because of the risks we face in day to day life. If the total value of your assets is greater than the limits on your home insurance, then it’s smart to purchase the additional coverage. An insurance agent at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA can help determine your risk and how much additional coverage you should purchase to protect your assets.

Contact Armor Insurance Group serving Virginia Beach, VA, to get a quote on umbrella insurance.

How to Determine How Much Boat Insurance You Need

If you own a boat in El Centro, CA, one of the things you should consider getting as well is boat insurance. However, the follow up question to this that people make to Armorcrest Insurance Services is when should they buy and how much coverage should they get. The first question can be answered by saying that you should always have boat insurance on your boat. However, determining how much boat insurance you need can be a bit more expensive. 

When you are trying to figure out just how much you should insure your boat for, there are two things that you want to look at. The first is the value of the boat. If you were to lose it today, how much would you have to pay to replace it or a version that is similar to it? Once you know that number, you can add that to the insure amount. Next, you want to consider liability. If you will have anyone else on the boat that is not insured, you want to have additional liability insurance to pay for any medical bills or a lawsuit in the case of an accident. Accidents can happen at any time and you want to make sure you are covered at least to a reasonable amount so an accident does not bankrupt you. 

Now that you have a better idea of how much boat insurance you should have, the next step is getting that insurance put into place. Be sure to reach out to us here at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving El Centro, CA, to get started on your insurance quote today. We can help you refine your coverage amount as well as make sure that your policy is in line with your budget. 

Is Flood Insurance Necessary for Trailers?

At Armor Insurance Group, we’ve seen too many of our Virginia Beach, VA customers fail to get flood insurance for their mobile home. They either don’t think it matters or believes that they cannot buy these types of policies. That is simply not the case.

A Trailer May Qualify For Flood Insurance

Most trailer homes will be able to buy flood insurance if they are attached to a permanent foundation, if it is located in a flood hazard area, and if it has a development permit from the proper authorities. As a development permit is required whenever you live in a mobile home, you should have no difficulties qualifying for flood insurance of some type.

The Types Available

Your trailer home likely qualifies for what is known as a low-to-moderate-risk policy. These are available for just about any home because most fall in this area. They are often as cheap as over $100 a year. However, if you live in higher-risk areas (as defined by the government), you can get high-risk policies. These provide more comprehensive coverage, though low-to-moderate-risk policies still cover a lot.

How It Protects You

When you buy flood insurance policies for your trailer home, you are covering it, its foundation, all of its electrical and plumbing systems, all HVAC units, appliances, carpeting, paneling, bookcases, cabinets, clothing, food, artwork, some books, and much more. You are also getting coverage for debris removal and loss avoidance measures. In most cases, you’ll also get relocation and flood-proofing coverage to help you recover from this devastating situation.

Get Your Trailer Covered Now

Even if you have never experienced a flood in your Virginia Beach, VA mobile home, it is smart to look into a policy and speak with an agent to learn more of its advantages. Contact us at Armor Insurance Group to learn more about flood coverage for trailers and how it can keep you safe.

What To Consider When Choosing Condo Insurance

Unlike a Virginia Beach, VA homeowner, as a condo dweller, you don’t own the building you live in or the land it’s on. While your condo’s or homeowners association (HOA) probably carries a master policy to insure the property and building and will pay for accidents or injuries that occur on outside areas or common areas, it likely won’t cover you or your personal property. For example, your HOA won’t cover repairs to the inside of your unit after a disaster, and won’t replace or repair stolen or damaged Items, or cover liability costs if you or your guests are injured inside your condo. Having a personal condo insurance policy from Armor Insurance Group, called an HO-6 policy, to cover those events is smart.  

Condo Insurance vs. HOA Insurance 

There are significant differences between these two types of insurance policies. The following are common instances when Condo Insurance coverage will typically kick in: 

  • There’s damage to your unit’s interior. Because you own your unit, you are likely to be responsible for damage to fixtures, including lighting, cabinets, and appliances. Your HOA master policy may cover the original items built into your place, but it may have a “bare walls” policy, meaning that it is up to you to insure everything, including the walls, ceiling, and flooring. 
  • Your belongings are stolen. If your computer, furniture, or clothing is stolen, your HOA’s insurance won’t cover it. You need personal property coverage to handle that. 
  • A guest gets hurt in your Virginia Beach, VA home. If a guest falls inside your condo, personal condo insurance will cover their medical bills and any liability costs if they sue you. 
  • The damage exceeds your HOA’s policy limit. If a claim to your HOA exceeds its master policy limits, you and other unit owners may be required to contribute funding to make up the difference.  

What Is Covered By The HOA Policy? 

That depends on the policy. Some won’t cover anything inside your unit, including wiring and plumbing. Some may cover original fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, and flooring. To determine what type of condo insurance you need to cover that your HOA insurance doesn’t, and ensure you and your belongings are protected, call your Armor Insurance Group agent today.