3 Tips for Buying Motor Home Insurance in Virginia Beach, VA

Whether you live in your motor home full-time in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA or you use it for recreation a few times a year, you’ll need to have motor home insurance. Without it, you risk everything. At Armor Insurance Group, we have helped thousands of customers find the right motor home insurance policy at the right price. Read on to learn about the three best ways to get started.

1. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

Your first step in purchasing any new insurance policy is to work with a reputable agent. These knowledgeable agents will help you select quotes to compare, answer all your questions and concerns, and help you find ways to save money on your premiums.

2. Bundle Your Insurance Quotes

One way to save money on your motor home insurance is to bundle it with your other insurance policies. Many insurance carriers reward loyal customers this way by lowering the premiums on each policy. Your insurance agent can help you with this by finding the right carrier to work with or by sticking with the carrier you currently use. 

3. Compare Several Quotes

No two insurance quotes are the same. That’s why it’s vitally important to compare several motor home insurance quotes before making a decision. A reputable insurance agent can help you do this by going over each quote in fine detail, comparing coverage vs cost. 

To learn more about purchasing motor home insurance in Virginia Beach, VA, contact the reputable team at Armor Insurance Group. Our friendly agents are available right now to take your call and help you find a motor home policy that fits both your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

Safety Tips for Winter Boating Enthusiasts

The cold weather is no excuse to let your recreational watercraft sit in storage. with a little planning, you can still enjoy your favorite boating activities in the Virginia Beach, VA area. These tips from Armor Insurance Group will help you keep yourself, your passengers, and your boat safe while on the water in the winter months.

  • Use a float plan. In the simplest terms, a float plan is a document letting others know where you’re going and when you expect to return. If you fail to return at the designated time, emergency efforts can be mobilized to find you. You can contact a trusted friend or relative, leave the information with dock attendants, or contact the local Coast Guard office.
  • Check your safety equipment before leaving. Safety vests, flotation devices, and other essential safety equipment should be checked for condition and usability before you begin your trip. Make sure you know how to operate each piece. Flares, radio equipment, and first aid kits should be examined also, especially if it has been a while since you’ve been on the water.
  • Know the 1-10-1 rule. When someone falls into the water, it is vital that they control their breathing within the first minute to prevent drowning. The next ten minutes gives you the best chance of moving on your own before the cold water starts to freeze interior muscles. It takes one hour of exposure to cold before hypothermia sets in. At that point, the victim may become unconscious.
  • Stock clothing for the winter weather. Even if the air is warm, it’s likely that the water may be near freezing. Encourage those on the boat to dress warmly. Keep a stockpile of blankets and dry, warm clothing in case someone falls so you can quickly heat them up while you seek help.

It’s also important to keep your boat insurance documents handy while you’re on your trip. Your coverage may include clauses that help you pay for medical care and other damage related to winter boating. Talk to the experts at Armor Insurance Group for more information on customizing your Virginia Beach, VA boat insurance.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance

Even though you may already have an insurance policy and think that you’re quite protected, you may not be. Getting umbrella insurance is just an extra level of protection for you and your family. Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA can help you discover what coverage you need.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Once you have insurance, you can get umbrella coverage. It protects you beyond the limits of your primary policy. Umbrella liability insurance helps to protect you against unexpected events. If you’re held responsible for an incident that causes someone else damages or injuries, umbrella insurance could cover the expense after you’ve exhausted your primary insurance limits. It’s possible for you to be covered for specific perils or a broader range of perils. There are three types of liability coverage.

  • Bodily injury – covers the cost of injuries if you’re at fault as a result of certain instances such as if a person is injured due to a car accident, pet attack, or a fall at your home

  • Property Damage – involves damage to property and accidental damage to other property. For example, your child throws rocks and damages a car’s windows.

  • Personal Liability – covers events such as slander, libel, and false arrest.

Who Needs Umbrella Policies?

Typically, anyone who has insurance can purchase umbrella coverage. Those who need it most are people who:

  • Own swimming pools or trampolines where visitors can be injured.

  • Have certain dog breeds that are inherently vicious.

  • Coach youth sports where someone may sue you if a child is injured during an event.

  • Are athletic and like to participate in dangerous sports such as hunting, skiing, skydiving, or surfing.

  • Own a business

  • Have significant assets 

When you’re in Virginia Beach, VA, stop by Armor Insurance Group and ask about umbrella insurance.


Why Flood Insurance is Essential in Virginia Beach

Some Virginia Beach, VA area residents are surprised to learn that additional flood insurance is often necessary to protect their homes from damage due to floodwaters. If you are in a flood plain, it is likely that your bank or mortgage holder will require a flood insurance policy as part of your financing. In other areas, there may not be that requirement, but flood insurance is still a smart idea because of our coastal location. Armor Insurance Group is here to answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have about floods affected your home. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are here to work with you to determine which type of coverage is right for your location in the greater Virginia Beach area.

Virginia Beach and Flood Insurance

Because of its geographical location, Virginia Beach participates in the NFIP for certain communities. If you are within these areas, it is essential to have this important coverage! Coverage for water damage is generally determined by the cause of the damage, whether it be storms or floods. It is possible that your homeowner’s policy may cover one type of damage but not others. Because of this reality, having a dedicated flood insurance policy through the NFIP or a private insurance company is vital. When you have an appropriate flood insurance policy you can rest assured that your property and belongings will be covered in the event of damage due to floodwater.

Virginia Beach, VA residents are encouraged to contact Armor Insurance Group today and learn more about how flood insurance is the smart move. Call or stop by today and meet with one of our knowledgeable and helpful agents and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Condo Insurance

Owning a condo can often be better than owning a house. You don’t have things like exterior maintenance to worry about, but you still have plenty of perks and benefits. When you have a condo, though, you want to have the right type of insurance. That’s where we come in. At Armor Insurance Group, you can get all the information you need to protect your Virginia Beach, VA area condo. We want to help you find the policy that’s right for you, and keep it updated as your needs or circumstances change. If you don’t have the right insurance, you could be putting yourself at risk. Let us help you reduce or avoid that risk.

A condo isn’t like a house, in the sense that it takes a different type of insurance. Our condo insurance options are designed with you in mind and can help you get the coverage level you need. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, so you can feel confident about the insurance you choose. When you make an informed decision, it’s much easier for you to get not only good coverage but peace of mind, as well. Then you and your condo will have the proper protection. You can appreciate all your location has to offer, and not worry about loss or other insurance-related concerns.

Reach out to us today, at Armor Insurance Group. We want to help you with your Virginia Beach, VA condo insurance needs. Our knowledgeable agents will be happy to work with you, so you feel good about the condo policy you choose. We can also help make adjustments to your current policy if you’ve remodeled or your needs have otherwise changed. It’s a great way to feel secure, and to enjoy your condo, even more, knowing that it’s properly covered and protected from harm.

Protect your children’s future with life insurance

Starting a family is a very exciting time of life, and with it comes a lot of responsibilities. There are many ways for you to take care of your family, and providing them with the financial assistance necessary to continue with their lives upon your death is one of them. With an adequate life insurance policy, you can ensure that your family will be able to carry on without and ease their burden. Armor Insurance Group is here to serve the insurance needs of the greater Virginia Beach, VA area and help you provide your family with the protection they deserve.

Protect your children’s future with life insurance

No one wants to think about dying at a young age and leaving their children alone. As difficult as this thought might be, it’s important to have the right tools in place to protect them in the event that you or your spouse dies at a young age. Life insurance provides a death benefit that is payable immediately and can help your family get through those difficult first weeks and months without having to worry about financial concerns. It is stressful enough to deal with the loss of a spouse and when there are negative implications such as having to sell the family home or switch schools, the situation can become even worse. With the right policy, you can make sure that your children are protected for most any eventuality. Now is the time to provide them that protection.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children will be protected in the event of your death. Armor Insurance Group serves the needs of the greater Virginia Beach, VA community, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you too. Call or stop by today!

3 Little-known Facts About Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, how much do you know about commercial insurance?

Whether you’re shopping around for a policy to cover a brand new business, or you’re a business veteran looking to brush up on the logistics of commercial insurance provided by Armor Insurance Group or any other agency, here are some little-known facts about business insurance you should be aware of.

1. Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover Employees

Are you interested in buying commercial liability insurance in order to cover your employees?

This is a misguided idea; liability insurance covers third-party injuries and damage. This includes any customers or business associates that visit your company on an infrequent basis. Liability coverage is important, but it is designed to cover any costs related to lawsuits or medical damages that result from an incident at your place of business.

If you’re looking for coverage that protects your employees, invest in worker’s compensation instead.

2. All Cars Used For Business Need Commercial Coverage

Do you ever use your personal car to do business work in the field?

If so, you may think that your personal auto insurance will adequately protect your vehicle in case of an accident. However, that’s not the case. If you’re using your car to benefit your business, it needs commercial auto coverage. Whether you’re driving in Virginia Beach, VA or beyond, your personal auto insurance provider will refuse to cover any costs associated with an accident that occurs while your car is used for business.

3. Commercial Coverage Varies By Industry

Did you know that not all commercial insurance is created equal?

As a business owner, you might think that investing in a general liability policy will all aspects of your business. That’s not the case. The type of coverage you need depends on your industry.

For instance, if you have a medical practice, you need malpractice insurance. If you are a writer, you may need author’s insurance Each type of commercial insurance is designed to protect you in specific situations.

The coverage amounts vary as do the purpose of the policies. If you aren’t sure what kind of commercial coverage would suit you best, ask around within your industry. Your colleagues should have no problem disclosing what types of insurance they deem necessary.

Ready to Invest In Your Commercial Coverage?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking about commercial insurance within your industry, visit our friendly agents at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA. We are happy to discuss your options with you and give you a quote for your custom coverage today.

The importance of having an Umbrella Insurance policy

There are many people who believe that purchasing a home insurance and auto insurance policy will fully protect them in the event of a claim. However, it is important to also purchase an umbrella policy to make sure you do not end up paying out of pocket for damages. If you live in the Virginia Beach, VA  area and are not sure if you have umbrella coverage, reach out to an agent at Armor Insurance Group today.

One of the most important reasons for an umbrella policy is that many people are not aware of how quickly their primary policy coverage can run out in the event of an accident.

In the event you run out of limits on your primary policy, the umbrella policy will step in and cover the claim up until the umbrella limits. If you are an individual with a high net worth the likelihood that you will be sued for most if not all of your assets following an accident is high. With the protection of an umbrella policy, you will be able to shield your assets.

An umbrella policy is also critical if you engage in activities that increase your chances of being sued for a large sum. Some of these activities include but are not limited to having a swimming pool, carpooling with other children on a regular basis, ATV driving and entertaining large groups at your home. Any activity that increases your chances of being sued for a large sum due to bodily injury or property damage should be insured with an Umbrella Policy.

If you live in the Virginia Beach, VA area and you are inserted in learning more about umbrella coverage, please reach out to an agent at Armor Insurance Group today.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Business?

If you own a business, you’re likely interested in cutting costs wherever you can. You might be wondering whether you need commercial insurance for your business in Virginia Beach, VA. The simple answer is, most likely you do need to ensure your business. Even in the instances when it’s not required, it’s a wise precaution. Here are a few circumstances that warrant the need for an Armor Insurance Group commercial policy.

If You Use Business Vehicles

Does your business require the use of cars or trucks?

If you regularly have to deliver products or services to your customers in-person, you need commercial vehicle insurance.

In fact, it’s required by law in the state of Virginia. If you have a business vehicle, it must be registered as such with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In order for this to happen, the vehicle must be commercially insured.

If You Do Business Outside Your Home

Is your business home-based, or do you rent a property?

If you own or rent a business property, you need commercial liability insurance.

It’s true that this type of insurance is not legally required unless you took a mortgage out on your rented property. Still, it’s a smart investment.

If you choose not to have property commercial insurance, you open yourself to the possibility of a serious loss. For instance, if your place of business is damaged by fire, you can’t recoup any of those investments if you have no commercial property coverage.

If You Have Employees

If you work alone, perhaps commercial insurance may not be as much of a priority, although it’s still an essential form of protection.

If you have employees, however, commercial insurance is a safeguard for you and them. In some states, commercial insurance is required if you have employees working at your place of business, or if you have customers visiting your premises. Virginia is not one of these states. However, if anyone sustains an injury on your business property, you can stand to lose your entire enterprise if you are sued.

Are You Ready To Invest In Protecting Your Business?

If you’re ready to protect your Virginia Beach, VA business, call and touch base with an Armor Insurance Group agent today. You can discuss your policy options and keep your business from being forced into bankruptcy after a single lawsuit.

Is there insurance to protect a business from lawsuits?

Most business owners are aware that the chances of facing a lawsuit are pretty high. A study by Fullbright reports that 90% of American businesses are involved in litigation every year. The average number of lawsuit managed by each company is 37. One useful tool to reduce the risk of serious financial damage is umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance does two things. First, it extends the policy limits of other insurance policies that are named in the umbrella policy. Secondly, it may cover some claims that are not covered at all by other policies.

If a claim is made that exceeds the policy limit of some insurance that is covered by an umbrella policy, first the total amount of the policy limit is paid by the underlying policy and then the umbrella insurance kicks in to cover any excessive amount up to the maximum limit of the umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance can be customized to cover specific types of legal problems. Some legal risks that may be covered are legal fees for false arrest, and claims of libel or slander. Other things that may be covered are discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Consult with your insurance agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving the El Centro, CA area and the surrounding communities to discuss the types of coverage that may be available for your specific needs.

It is very common for umbrella insurance policy limits to be in the multiple millions of dollars. The minimum amount of coverage needed is at least a person’s net worth. If their net worth is $10 million, then the umbrella insurance should be at least that amount. The common sense reason for this is for asset protection in the case of a lawsuit.

It may be even better to go higher for the limit because after the full amount of insurance is exhausted, then a business owner may be liable for the difference needed to pay the settlement or judgment claim.

If you already have umbrella insurance or you need a new policy, talk with your agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA to make sure you have enough insurance to protect your assets and avoid a terrible financial disaster if some unforeseen thing occurs.