How Much Commercial Insurance Does An Online-Only Business Need?

If you’re running an online-only business in Virginia Beach, VA, you don’t need to worry about insuring your commercial property, and you probably don’t have much equipment to insure. As long as you call your home insurance agent and let them know that you’re running a home business, you’re probably already covered.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need any insurance whatsoever.

The big concern in commercial insurance is a liability, and that applies to all of us. Whether you’re running an amusement park or selling hair ties on your eCommerce website, you’re going to be inviting some liability.

And that applies to companies that only sell digital products and services, as well. If you sell apps through your own website and someone hacks into your database to steal your customers’ financial information, that could land a very expensive lawsuit in your lap. There are stories of apps and platforms that leave users open to cyberattacks, and, again, that puts liability on the shoulders of the person who created the app or platform.

If you run a small Etsy or eBay shop, the site has some liability insurance in place and will generally bear the brunt of any legal repercussions, for the most part. There are some exceptions, and if you run a large shop on any of these platforms, you’ll want to consider buying liability insurance.

Ultimately, every business, if the owner depends on it for their income, would be well-advised to carry liability insurance. If you run an online-only business you may be inviting less risk than someone who runs a restaurant or a book store, but you are still inviting some risk into your life by running a business at all. 

If you’re still shopping around for insurance for your Virginia Beach, VA business, visit the Armor Insurance Group or call Armor Insurance Group on the phone to get the protection your business needs.

Motor Home Insurance Considerations For a Cross Country Trip.

Do you enjoy your motor home in the beautiful Virginia Beach, VA area but yearn to travel further? Are you planning a cross country or multi-state trip soon so see what the rest of the Eastern Seaboard has to offer or even the Western coast? At Armor Insurance Group we know how appealing the call of the open road and new vistas every day can be. We hope you go on your trip soon, and we offer some insurance tips and considerations for your trip as you plan. 

Cross Country Trip Motor Home Insurance Considerations:

  • Insurance requirements vary across each state in the U.S. And many people are concerned that they may not have enough coverage as the venture through them. The good news is that if you are in a state where the minimum requirements are more than the state you bought insurance in, it typically changes to match it. There are restrictions, but this is a policy that is practiced across the board for the simplicity of travel across our nation. 
  • If you own your motor home and only have minimum coverage, you may want to increase before your trip. Driving for long distances presents an increased risk and this is the best time to have maximum coverage. 
  • A service like triple AAA roadside assistance is nationwide. You will never need it more than when you are in new area miles and miles from home be sure to update this service before you leave. 
  • Prevention is cheaper and more convenient than problem-solving on the fly so if you know the water heater or some other element will need repairs shortly you will be a happier camper if you do them before you leave with your resources from home. 

Armor Insurance Group serves Virginia Beach, VA with premium insurance services. If you are planning a big trip in the future we will happy to help you with all of your insurance needs. Remember to ask about home insurance for your primary residence while you are on your journey. 

Helping You Understand Your RV Insurance Policy In VA

Virginia Beach, VA is a hotspot for many of the 9 million RVs that circle the United States. People flock to the area for months at a time to enjoy the wonderful landscape and perfect summer temperatures. With all of that RV movement, there is a good chance that some of them will experience an accident or some other kind of damage. It will be imperative for you as an RV owner to have the right insurance policy.

Understanding Your RV Insurance Policy

The last thing you want to happen is for your vacation or travels to be cut short because your insurance does not cover the damage to your RV in Virginia Beach, VA. Here are some parts of the policy that you will want to think about. 

  • VA requires all motor vehicles to have insurance. The RV is no exception to that rule. Avoid fines and potential court time by having the right insurance.
  • Break downs in an RV require a specialized kind of help. Your RV policy can be endorsed with roadside assistance. Your agent will be able to help send the right kind of help should you break down on the side of the road.
  • An RV is a personalized vehicle. Most of the add-ons will require special coverage in order to be protected from damage. If this kind of converge is missing from your policy, then your RV will be restored to factory condition.

Let us at Armor Insurance Group help you with your RV insurance needs. You will need the right kind of help to get the best policy to protect your RV. Call us today and let us help you start off the season with an insurance consultation. We can get you’re the coverages you need to enjoy the summer season with no worries. 

What is the state minimum auto insurance in Virginia and is it enough?

Purchasing and driving an auto is great and to protect yourself and your investment it is always best to have auto insurance but if you live in Virginia, you at least have to obtain liability insurance.

According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, a total of 125, 800 car accidents occurred in the state in 2015 that injured 65,000 people and took the lives of 753 others. The risk of being involved in a car accident is a real threat and everyone needs to take it seriously and have the insurance to cover their vehicles, medical bills, and loss of wages in case they are involved in an accident.

The minimum insurance requirements in Virginia include the fact that all drivers must obtain a liability insurance policy that includes at least $25,000 in coverage for bodily injury per person, $50,000 in coverage for bodily injury per accident, and at least $20,000 in coverage for property damage.

Liability coverage only applies damages that you cause another person to suffer if an accident occurs that is your fault. It does not cover you if you are injured and does not cover damages to your vehicle.

The state of Virginia also allows motorists to avoid obtaining liability insurance if you pay the state’s fee of $500 for uninsured motorists but it does not offer any insurance coverage at all. It does give you the ability to drive on the public roads of Virginia without being fined or paying penalties for not carrying insurance. However, if you cause an accident, you will have to pay for any injuries to a person or damage to property that occurs because of the crash.

Many drivers opt for more coverage than uninsured motorist or liability insurance offers. These types of insurance include full-coverage insurance that will pay for damages to your vehicle due to an accident caused by you or someone without insurance, theft, weather-related incident or vandalism. You can also obtain comprehensive coverage that includes damages from vandalism, theft, fire, or hail or collision insurance in case you hit another car or object, such as a fence, and need your vehicle repaired or replaced.

An experienced insurance agent at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA can assist you in choosing the coverage that is best for you and your situation.


Common Liability claims that require Umbrella Insurance

There are so many people out there who believe that primary insurance policies are adequate coverage to protect them in the event of an insurance claim. Unfortunately, there are many types of claims out there that quickly eat up the primary limits. The agents at Armorcrest Insurance Services would be happy to discuss how an umbrella policy can protect you in the event of a claim. 

Dog Bites 

Insurance claims as a result of your dog biting another person can quickly add up. Not only will you be responsible for any medical bills, but you might also be liable for any pain and suffering. Even if your dog is friendly, it is best to have additional coverage. It is also essential to check with your homeowners’ insurance provider to see if you have primary coverage, as some insurers exclude this coverage. In the event your primary policy excludes coverage, the umbrella policy would respond first. 

Teen drivers 

Unfortunately, even the most cautious teen drivers are much more likely to be involved in a car accident. An umbrella policy over your primary auto policy will provide you with extra protection as a result of the increased likelihood of a claim with a teen driver in the house. If you only purchase the minimum required auto coverage, an umbrella policy is critical. 


Many residents in El Centro, CA enjoy pools in their backyard to cool off on hot days. If you have a pool at your home, it is critical to consider an umbrella policy. If a guest is injured or drowns in your pool, the potential liability could be enormous. 


In today’s litigious society, slander is becoming an increasingly common reason people find themselves in court. An umbrella policy is the only type of policy that will offer you protection in the event you are accused of slander. 

If you would like to learn more about umbrella coverage and how it can protect you, reach out to an agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services today. We proudly serve the  El Centro, CA area. 

3 Tips for Buying Motor Home Insurance in Virginia Beach, VA

Whether you live in your motor home full-time in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA or you use it for recreation a few times a year, you’ll need to have motor home insurance. Without it, you risk everything. At Armor Insurance Group, we have helped thousands of customers find the right motor home insurance policy at the right price. Read on to learn about the three best ways to get started.

1. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

Your first step in purchasing any new insurance policy is to work with a reputable agent. These knowledgeable agents will help you select quotes to compare, answer all your questions and concerns, and help you find ways to save money on your premiums.

2. Bundle Your Insurance Quotes

One way to save money on your motor home insurance is to bundle it with your other insurance policies. Many insurance carriers reward loyal customers this way by lowering the premiums on each policy. Your insurance agent can help you with this by finding the right carrier to work with or by sticking with the carrier you currently use. 

3. Compare Several Quotes

No two insurance quotes are the same. That’s why it’s vitally important to compare several motor home insurance quotes before making a decision. A reputable insurance agent can help you do this by going over each quote in fine detail, comparing coverage vs cost. 

To learn more about purchasing motor home insurance in Virginia Beach, VA, contact the reputable team at Armor Insurance Group. Our friendly agents are available right now to take your call and help you find a motor home policy that fits both your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

Safety Tips for Winter Boating Enthusiasts

The cold weather is no excuse to let your recreational watercraft sit in storage. with a little planning, you can still enjoy your favorite boating activities in the Virginia Beach, VA area. These tips from Armor Insurance Group will help you keep yourself, your passengers, and your boat safe while on the water in the winter months.

  • Use a float plan. In the simplest terms, a float plan is a document letting others know where you’re going and when you expect to return. If you fail to return at the designated time, emergency efforts can be mobilized to find you. You can contact a trusted friend or relative, leave the information with dock attendants, or contact the local Coast Guard office.
  • Check your safety equipment before leaving. Safety vests, flotation devices, and other essential safety equipment should be checked for condition and usability before you begin your trip. Make sure you know how to operate each piece. Flares, radio equipment, and first aid kits should be examined also, especially if it has been a while since you’ve been on the water.
  • Know the 1-10-1 rule. When someone falls into the water, it is vital that they control their breathing within the first minute to prevent drowning. The next ten minutes gives you the best chance of moving on your own before the cold water starts to freeze interior muscles. It takes one hour of exposure to cold before hypothermia sets in. At that point, the victim may become unconscious.
  • Stock clothing for the winter weather. Even if the air is warm, it’s likely that the water may be near freezing. Encourage those on the boat to dress warmly. Keep a stockpile of blankets and dry, warm clothing in case someone falls so you can quickly heat them up while you seek help.

It’s also important to keep your boat insurance documents handy while you’re on your trip. Your coverage may include clauses that help you pay for medical care and other damage related to winter boating. Talk to the experts at Armor Insurance Group for more information on customizing your Virginia Beach, VA boat insurance.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance

Even though you may already have an insurance policy and think that you’re quite protected, you may not be. Getting umbrella insurance is just an extra level of protection for you and your family. Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA can help you discover what coverage you need.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Once you have insurance, you can get umbrella coverage. It protects you beyond the limits of your primary policy. Umbrella liability insurance helps to protect you against unexpected events. If you’re held responsible for an incident that causes someone else damages or injuries, umbrella insurance could cover the expense after you’ve exhausted your primary insurance limits. It’s possible for you to be covered for specific perils or a broader range of perils. There are three types of liability coverage.

  • Bodily injury – covers the cost of injuries if you’re at fault as a result of certain instances such as if a person is injured due to a car accident, pet attack, or a fall at your home

  • Property Damage – involves damage to property and accidental damage to other property. For example, your child throws rocks and damages a car’s windows.

  • Personal Liability – covers events such as slander, libel, and false arrest.

Who Needs Umbrella Policies?

Typically, anyone who has insurance can purchase umbrella coverage. Those who need it most are people who:

  • Own swimming pools or trampolines where visitors can be injured.

  • Have certain dog breeds that are inherently vicious.

  • Coach youth sports where someone may sue you if a child is injured during an event.

  • Are athletic and like to participate in dangerous sports such as hunting, skiing, skydiving, or surfing.

  • Own a business

  • Have significant assets 

When you’re in Virginia Beach, VA, stop by Armor Insurance Group and ask about umbrella insurance.


Why Flood Insurance is Essential in Virginia Beach

Some Virginia Beach, VA area residents are surprised to learn that additional flood insurance is often necessary to protect their homes from damage due to floodwaters. If you are in a flood plain, it is likely that your bank or mortgage holder will require a flood insurance policy as part of your financing. In other areas, there may not be that requirement, but flood insurance is still a smart idea because of our coastal location. Armor Insurance Group is here to answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have about floods affected your home. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are here to work with you to determine which type of coverage is right for your location in the greater Virginia Beach area.

Virginia Beach and Flood Insurance

Because of its geographical location, Virginia Beach participates in the NFIP for certain communities. If you are within these areas, it is essential to have this important coverage! Coverage for water damage is generally determined by the cause of the damage, whether it be storms or floods. It is possible that your homeowner’s policy may cover one type of damage but not others. Because of this reality, having a dedicated flood insurance policy through the NFIP or a private insurance company is vital. When you have an appropriate flood insurance policy you can rest assured that your property and belongings will be covered in the event of damage due to floodwater.

Virginia Beach, VA residents are encouraged to contact Armor Insurance Group today and learn more about how flood insurance is the smart move. Call or stop by today and meet with one of our knowledgeable and helpful agents and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Condo Insurance

Owning a condo can often be better than owning a house. You don’t have things like exterior maintenance to worry about, but you still have plenty of perks and benefits. When you have a condo, though, you want to have the right type of insurance. That’s where we come in. At Armor Insurance Group, you can get all the information you need to protect your Virginia Beach, VA area condo. We want to help you find the policy that’s right for you, and keep it updated as your needs or circumstances change. If you don’t have the right insurance, you could be putting yourself at risk. Let us help you reduce or avoid that risk.

A condo isn’t like a house, in the sense that it takes a different type of insurance. Our condo insurance options are designed with you in mind and can help you get the coverage level you need. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, so you can feel confident about the insurance you choose. When you make an informed decision, it’s much easier for you to get not only good coverage but peace of mind, as well. Then you and your condo will have the proper protection. You can appreciate all your location has to offer, and not worry about loss or other insurance-related concerns.

Reach out to us today, at Armor Insurance Group. We want to help you with your Virginia Beach, VA condo insurance needs. Our knowledgeable agents will be happy to work with you, so you feel good about the condo policy you choose. We can also help make adjustments to your current policy if you’ve remodeled or your needs have otherwise changed. It’s a great way to feel secure, and to enjoy your condo, even more, knowing that it’s properly covered and protected from harm.