Why Everyone Needs Flood Insurance

Many people don’t think much about flood insurance unless they experience a flood. Many people also believe that floods, like other disasters, are covered by their home insurance. However, a home insurance policy does not cover this type of incident. Floods can happen just about anywhere, so it’s important to have flood coverage that will protect you from it. If you don’t have flood insurance, you need to call us at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA to find out more and get started with your own policy.

Flood Zones

Certain areas are designated as flood zones. Some are designated as 50 or 100-year flood zones, and some occur more frequently. Having flood insurance is crucial if you are in one of these zones. It will likely be required by your lender that you have this insurance in place when you buy the property. However, not all floods are in flood zones. Among flood claims, about 20% of them come from areas outside these zones. Many areas can flood, so it makes sense always to have flood insurance whether you’re in one of these zones or not. 

The National Program

Flood insurance is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program. This government-backed program is available to homeowners to protect their property and their finances against floods. The policy has a price set by the program, so no matter where you buy it, it will always have the same price. Make sure you have flood insurance to protect yourself against flooding. 

Get Your Coverage

If you don’t yet have a flood insurance policy, you need to call us at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA to get your own policy.