Is it time for your teenager to have their own auto policy?

Are you the parent of a teenager in the Virginia Beach, VA area? You may be wondering if it’s time for your young driver to have an auto policy of their own. If you are unsure of the best way to handle your family’s insurance needs, the team at Armor Insurance Group is here to help. Give us a call today to find out more about the auto insurance options that are currently available.

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Is it time for your teenager to have their auto policy?

New drivers are typically added to their parent’s auto policy. If your teenager is getting ready to go to college or move out to begin working, you may wonder if it’s time for them to have their own auto insurance policy. 

As with many life questions, the answer will depend on the situation. The age of their vehicle, how often and how far they drive it, and how many other people are on the policy can all play a role in your decision. If your child is moving out of state for school or work, having their policy will likely make the most sense for everyone.

Many people who choose to keep everyone on a family or fleet policy expect their children to contribute to the cost of the premiums. This allows teenagers to better understand financial responsibility while operating with a safety net.

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The team at Armor Insurance Group understands that it may be challenging to know when your Virginia Beach, VA, area teenager should have their policy. We can help. Contact our office or stop by today to learn more!