Virginia Boat Insurance: Protecting Your Boat for Extreme Weather

When you have a boat in Virginia, extreme weather is always going to be on your mind, even when you are enjoying your vessel on a beautiful day. There are ways to protect your boat from extreme weather, that will help you to avoid claims or expensive repairs on your boat. 
At Armor Insurance Group, we want Virginia Beach, VA boat owners to enjoy their boats without stressing about the bad days. Follow these tips to protect your boat from extreme weather, and you’ll worry less about the storms coming.

Tarps to Cover Your Boat

Tarps are an excellent way to cover your boat when extreme weather hits. Look for ones that have grommets were bungee cords can be installed and used to secure your vessel. There are a number of different kinds of tarp that you can get to protect your boat when extreme weather hits.

Vinyl tarps are the most durable kind of tarp, but these can not be machine-washed. You can keep them clean with soap and water though, and avoid using harsh cleaners on them. Fabric covers will work and are more flexible on large boats. You can also wash them weekly, to avoid mildew and mold growth.

Disconnect Electronics and Cords

When you have devices or electronics on your boat, you want to have them all disconnected before a storm comes. This will prevent a power surge that the storm may cause which will destroy the electronics on your boat. 

The cost of replacement and repair of this could be in the thousands of dollars. Consider a more comprehensive insurance plan with your boat insurance if you have electronics on your boat.

Double Dock Lines

When you are docking your boat before a storm, double the lines. Double the lift lines as these will withstand the most stress from securing your boat during extreme weather. It won’t hurt to have a backup of lift lines as well in the event that one fails on you. 

Update Your Boat Insurance Policy

When you have a boat, you will worry about it in any kind of weather. Use these tips as starting points when you are maintaining your boat for extreme weather. At Armor Insurance Group, we want Virginia Beach, VA boat owners to feel secure. Call us for a quote to update your boat insurance policy today, and get covered for every kind of weather.