Motor Home Insurance Considerations For a Cross Country Trip.

Do you enjoy your motor home in the beautiful Virginia Beach, VA area but yearn to travel further? Are you planning a cross country or multi-state trip soon so see what the rest of the Eastern Seaboard has to offer or even the Western coast? At Armor Insurance Group we know how appealing the call of the open road and new vistas every day can be. We hope you go on your trip soon, and we offer some insurance tips and considerations for your trip as you plan. 

Cross Country Trip Motor Home Insurance Considerations:

  • Insurance requirements vary across each state in the U.S. And many people are concerned that they may not have enough coverage as the venture through them. The good news is that if you are in a state where the minimum requirements are more than the state you bought insurance in, it typically changes to match it. There are restrictions, but this is a policy that is practiced across the board for the simplicity of travel across our nation. 
  • If you own your motor home and only have minimum coverage, you may want to increase before your trip. Driving for long distances presents an increased risk and this is the best time to have maximum coverage. 
  • A service like triple AAA roadside assistance is nationwide. You will never need it more than when you are in new area miles and miles from home be sure to update this service before you leave. 
  • Prevention is cheaper and more convenient than problem-solving on the fly so if you know the water heater or some other element will need repairs shortly you will be a happier camper if you do them before you leave with your resources from home. 

Armor Insurance Group serves Virginia Beach, VA with premium insurance services. If you are planning a big trip in the future we will happy to help you with all of your insurance needs. Remember to ask about home insurance for your primary residence while you are on your journey.