Winter RV Safety Tips For Virginia Beach

There is not an expiration date when it comes to enjoying your RV at various times of the year. You can enjoy spring melts, summer waters, autumnal colors, and winter snow all from the same framed view within your RV. However, RVing in certain weather does require additional safety considerations. At Armor Insurance Group, we want you to be equipped with all the knowledge you need for a safe trip in your RV this winter. 

Top RV Winter Safety Tips 

  • Don’t Take Your Water Systems For Granted. In the summer, spring, and fall, your water systems will likely work the same at all times. However, while traveling in the winter, it is a good idea to take extra precautions for your water lines to avoid them freezing and you not having water. Or worse, the lines busting leaving your RV with water damage. 
  • Check and Double Check Your Tires. Everyone knows icy winter driving can be hazardous in the best of conditions. When it comes to driving a huge RV with all those extra pounds of inertia to stop, it is vital to have the best tires for your vehicle and to check them often. 
  • Test Those Gas Lines. Whatever type of gas you use to heat your tiny home on wheels can pose a risk. So be sure to check, test, and double check those lines often. Errors when it comes to gas can be deadly, so err on the side of caution. 

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