What’s The Difference Between Auto Insurance And Motor Home Insurance?

Your recreational vehicle (RV) is more than just a vehicle – it’s a lifestyle on wheels, and your home away from home when you hit the open road. Your RV gets you from your Virginia Beach, VA home to where you’re going, but also offers conveniences and comforts you won’t experience traveling in an automobile. So, what is the difference between motorhome insurance and car insurance?

Motor Home Policies Are Categorized To Different Specifications

While your motorhome insurance shares some similarities of coverage and limits with auto insurance, they have different specifications. Unlike auto insurance, motorhome insurance coverage takes into account the size of your recreation vehicle and issues coverage by category. For example, luxury coaches, motor coaches and converted buses up to 75 feet are Class A, while camper vans and travel trailers are Class B. Fifth wheels, smaller vehicles and extended cab campers are Class C.

Just as with your car insurance, your Armor Insurance Group RV policy will cover collision, comprehensive, liability, and uninsured or underinsured coverage, but you can also obtain coverage for your interior, interior belongings, windshield breakage, and other coverage specifically designed to meet the specific needs of motorhomes. Unlike auto insurance, you can obtain coverage to protect your motorhome if you live in it full-time or when vacationing at campsites. You can also get coverage for towing and emergency services.

Do I Need RV Insurance?

You need insurance coverage when operating a motorhome or RV, but you may not need insurance coverage for a pop-up trailer, fifth wheel, or towable travel trailer that does not operate with its own power. However, it’s a smart idea, as insurance coverage will protect trailers from damage or loss due to theft, vandalism or weather-related incidents.

At Armor Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on providing answers to all your insurance questions. For more information about insurance coverage for your motorhome, automobile, or Virginia Beach, VA home, give us a call today.