3 Ways to Prepare Your RV for Summer Road Trips

With summer right around the corner, RV owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area are dreaming about their next adventure. Before you head out on the road, use these tips to get your rig ready.

  • Clean your RV, inside and out. No matter how well you cleaned it before putting it away for the winter season, you’re likely to find some mustiness, forgotten food, or damage from minor leakage. Spend some time making sure everything is tidy so you can fully enjoy your time out. Check for damage on the outside, including the tires, engines, and hose connectors. Let a mechanic top off the fluids and do a quick sweep of the mechanics if you’re planning on taking a long trip.
  • Make sure your RV insurance policy is up-to-date. If you put your policy on a seasonal hold, call the insurance representatives to have it reinstated. Ask them to go over the coverage details of your policy and for new cards to be sent. Make sure you place the new cards in your rig. Are you sure your RV insurance covers everything? The professionals at Armor Insurance Group can help you assess your coverage needs.
  • Sanitize your freshwater tanks by filling your tank about half full. Then add 1/4 cup of regular household bleach for every 15 gallons of water your tank can hold. A 60-gallon tank would need 1 cup of bleach. Open all the faucets on your RV until the water leaking out smells like bleach. Close them and let sit for 3 to 5 hours. Drain, flush with fresh water, then refill.

Get your RV ready for summer with an insurance policy from Armor Insurance Group. We help RV owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area stay safe while having fun. Contact us today to learn more.