How Can I Prevent Boat Theft?

It’s pretty easy to keep your boat when you’re using it all season, but what happens when you have to store it for a while? When the off-season rolls around in Virginia Beach, VA, it becomes easier for criminals to get a handle on what’s yours. Keep the following boat safety tips in mind from your friends at Armor Insurance Group. 

Store the Boat Away from the Public 

The more out of sight you can make your boat, the better. When people see something every day, they get a chance to understand the patterns that surround it. They may start to formulate a plan to take it without even realizing it, so it’s best to do whatever it takes to keep your boat from everyone’s eye line. 

Look into Marina storage

By finding a good Marina to store your boat, you do not have to worry about the worries of someone hitching your trailer up to their vehicle and casually driving off with your boat. A marina can keep track of your boat and provide proper storage space and overhead coverage.

Additional Measures 

Getting a GPS device is your best bet for recovering your boat if it does happen to be stolen, and it can give the police a solid lead on where to find the criminals so that it doesn’t happen to someone else. Having better boat insurance can help too. The more coverage you have on your boat, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get back out on the water when the time rolls around. If you live in Virginia Beach, VA and have additional questions, call Armor Insurance Group today for more information.