Protect your children’s future with life insurance

Starting a family is a very exciting time of life, and with it comes a lot of responsibilities. There are many ways for you to take care of your family, and providing them with the financial assistance necessary to continue with their lives upon your death is one of them. With an adequate life insurance policy, you can ensure that your family will be able to carry on without and ease their burden. Armor Insurance Group is here to serve the insurance needs of the greater Virginia Beach, VA area and help you provide your family with the protection they deserve.

Protect your children’s future with life insurance

No one wants to think about dying at a young age and leaving their children alone. As difficult as this thought might be, it’s important to have the right tools in place to protect them in the event that you or your spouse dies at a young age. Life insurance provides a death benefit that is payable immediately and can help your family get through those difficult first weeks and months without having to worry about financial concerns. It is stressful enough to deal with the loss of a spouse and when there are negative implications such as having to sell the family home or switch schools, the situation can become even worse. With the right policy, you can make sure that your children are protected for most any eventuality. Now is the time to provide them that protection.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children will be protected in the event of your death. Armor Insurance Group serves the needs of the greater Virginia Beach, VA community, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you too. Call or stop by today!

Steps to Follow After You’ve Been Involved in an Auto Accident

Being involved in an auto accident is not a position you find yourself in everyday. As such, when it happens, you may find yourself unsure of exactly what you should do. At Armor Insurance Group, serving the Virginia Beach, VA area, we want to help you in case you find yourself in this position. Here are the steps you should follow after you have been involved in an auto accident. 

Ensure Everyone is Alright

The first thing that you will want to do is ensure that everyone is alright. If you, a passenger or the other driver are injured, immediately seek out emergency medical treatment. 

Take Photographs of the Accident Scene

The next thing you will want to do is take photos of the accident scene. When possible, this should be done before vehicles are moved. Taking photos of the cars at the accident scene can be important when it comes to showing how the accident occurred and who may have been at fault. 

Exchange Information With the Other Driver

Be sure to exchange information with the other driver. This includes their name, address, driver’s license information, vehicle information and insurance information. 

Obtain a Police Report, if Needed

If the other driver is not insured or does not have a drivers license, you will want to contact the police to make an accident report. 

Notify Your Auto Insurance Company

The last thing you will want to do is to notify your auto insurance company about the accident in order to begin the claims process. 

No one wants to be involved in an automobile accident, however, it is something that you cannot always prevent. Car insurance can help to ensure that an unexpected auto accident does not become a financial drain for you. At Armor Insurance Group, serving Virginia Beach VA, we can help ensure your auto insurance policy protects you against the unexpected. Contact us today for a free quote. 

3 Little-known Facts About Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, how much do you know about commercial insurance?

Whether you’re shopping around for a policy to cover a brand new business, or you’re a business veteran looking to brush up on the logistics of commercial insurance provided by Armor Insurance Group or any other agency, here are some little-known facts about business insurance you should be aware of.

1. Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover Employees

Are you interested in buying commercial liability insurance in order to cover your employees?

This is a misguided idea; liability insurance covers third-party injuries and damage. This includes any customers or business associates that visit your company on an infrequent basis. Liability coverage is important, but it is designed to cover any costs related to lawsuits or medical damages that result from an incident at your place of business.

If you’re looking for coverage that protects your employees, invest in worker’s compensation instead.

2. All Cars Used For Business Need Commercial Coverage

Do you ever use your personal car to do business work in the field?

If so, you may think that your personal auto insurance will adequately protect your vehicle in case of an accident. However, that’s not the case. If you’re using your car to benefit your business, it needs commercial auto coverage. Whether you’re driving in Virginia Beach, VA or beyond, your personal auto insurance provider will refuse to cover any costs associated with an accident that occurs while your car is used for business.

3. Commercial Coverage Varies By Industry

Did you know that not all commercial insurance is created equal?

As a business owner, you might think that investing in a general liability policy will all aspects of your business. That’s not the case. The type of coverage you need depends on your industry.

For instance, if you have a medical practice, you need malpractice insurance. If you are a writer, you may need author’s insurance Each type of commercial insurance is designed to protect you in specific situations.

The coverage amounts vary as do the purpose of the policies. If you aren’t sure what kind of commercial coverage would suit you best, ask around within your industry. Your colleagues should have no problem disclosing what types of insurance they deem necessary.

Ready to Invest In Your Commercial Coverage?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking about commercial insurance within your industry, visit our friendly agents at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA. We are happy to discuss your options with you and give you a quote for your custom coverage today.

What Contents of a Home Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

A standard homeowners’ insurance policy covers more than the structure. It also covers the contents of the home, up to a specific amount. This blog explains what items, like fine jewelry and furs, may not be covered under the policy and how to obtain appropriate coverage for them.

At Armor Insurance Group of Virginia Beach, VA, we want you to have the coverage you need in case of emergency. Your standard homeowners’ insurance policy provides contents coverage for losses due to damage or theft. It bases the coverage on a percentage of the total home value. For example, if your home value is $100,000 and the policy covers ten percent of that value for contents, that translates to $10,000.

If you have a hobby that requires expensive equipment, that might not provide enough coverage to replace your home’s contents. Examples of these hobbies include photography, sound recording, home video and hobbyist musicians. Somebody could own two better cameras and exceed the contents coverage trying to replace them.

Other reasons to obtain additional coverage include antiques, jewelry and furs. Covering these high value items requires what insurance agents refer to as floaters, a policy addition to cover large ticket items. These items will have their own deductible.

You might not immediately think of these expensive items. That’s why Armor Insurance Group of Virginia Beach recommends you create a home inventory that lists all the items you’d need to replace if you lost them. Call or visit Armor Insurance Group today to learn more about adding to your homeowners’ insurance policy. We can help you obtain appropriate and affordable coverage.

What Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover?

Throughout Virginia Beach, VA, the roads can be difficult to navigate. All it takes is one person to slam on their brakes or skid on ice for there to be an accident. Even when you’re not on the roads, it’s possible to experience vehicle damage. As such, you want to have full coverage auto insurance.

At Armor Insurance Group, we explain full coverage auto insurance as a combination of liability insurance (what the state requires) with comprehensive and collision coverage. All of these are important because of the various scenarios that they can be used in. if you get into an accident with another vehicle, the liability coverage will take care of the other vehicle if you were at fault. The collision coverage protects your vehicle in a collision, whether it’s with a guard rail, a mailbox, or another vehicle. Then, comprehensive coverage takes care of all of the non-driving incidents, such as a rogue shopping cart, a hit and run, or a rock to the windshield.

You never know what’s going to happen and when. Vehicles can be expensive to repair and you don’t want to pay for it all out of pocket. It only makes sense to have as much coverage on your vehicle as possible. 

When you have what’s known as ‘full coverage,’ you have the protection to take care of your vehicle if it’s been an accident, vandalized, or damaged in some other way.

You don’t want to get into a situation where your insurance company denies your claim. It makes sense to have full coverage auto insurance in Virginia Beach, VA. When you’re ready to shop for a policy that works for your needs and your budget, contact us at Armor Insurance Group. One of our agents can ensure that you have the policy to provide peace of mind.


The importance of having an Umbrella Insurance policy

There are many people who believe that purchasing a home insurance and auto insurance policy will fully protect them in the event of a claim. However, it is important to also purchase an umbrella policy to make sure you do not end up paying out of pocket for damages. If you live in the Virginia Beach, VA  area and are not sure if you have umbrella coverage, reach out to an agent at Armor Insurance Group today.

One of the most important reasons for an umbrella policy is that many people are not aware of how quickly their primary policy coverage can run out in the event of an accident.

In the event you run out of limits on your primary policy, the umbrella policy will step in and cover the claim up until the umbrella limits. If you are an individual with a high net worth the likelihood that you will be sued for most if not all of your assets following an accident is high. With the protection of an umbrella policy, you will be able to shield your assets.

An umbrella policy is also critical if you engage in activities that increase your chances of being sued for a large sum. Some of these activities include but are not limited to having a swimming pool, carpooling with other children on a regular basis, ATV driving and entertaining large groups at your home. Any activity that increases your chances of being sued for a large sum due to bodily injury or property damage should be insured with an Umbrella Policy.

If you live in the Virginia Beach, VA area and you are inserted in learning more about umbrella coverage, please reach out to an agent at Armor Insurance Group today.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Business?

If you own a business, you’re likely interested in cutting costs wherever you can. You might be wondering whether you need commercial insurance for your business in Virginia Beach, VA. The simple answer is, most likely you do need to ensure your business. Even in the instances when it’s not required, it’s a wise precaution. Here are a few circumstances that warrant the need for an Armor Insurance Group commercial policy.

If You Use Business Vehicles

Does your business require the use of cars or trucks?

If you regularly have to deliver products or services to your customers in-person, you need commercial vehicle insurance.

In fact, it’s required by law in the state of Virginia. If you have a business vehicle, it must be registered as such with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In order for this to happen, the vehicle must be commercially insured.

If You Do Business Outside Your Home

Is your business home-based, or do you rent a property?

If you own or rent a business property, you need commercial liability insurance.

It’s true that this type of insurance is not legally required unless you took a mortgage out on your rented property. Still, it’s a smart investment.

If you choose not to have property commercial insurance, you open yourself to the possibility of a serious loss. For instance, if your place of business is damaged by fire, you can’t recoup any of those investments if you have no commercial property coverage.

If You Have Employees

If you work alone, perhaps commercial insurance may not be as much of a priority, although it’s still an essential form of protection.

If you have employees, however, commercial insurance is a safeguard for you and them. In some states, commercial insurance is required if you have employees working at your place of business, or if you have customers visiting your premises. Virginia is not one of these states. However, if anyone sustains an injury on your business property, you can stand to lose your entire enterprise if you are sued.

Are You Ready To Invest In Protecting Your Business?

If you’re ready to protect your Virginia Beach, VA business, call and touch base with an Armor Insurance Group agent today. You can discuss your policy options and keep your business from being forced into bankruptcy after a single lawsuit.

Is there insurance to protect a business from lawsuits?

Most business owners are aware that the chances of facing a lawsuit are pretty high. A study by Fullbright reports that 90% of American businesses are involved in litigation every year. The average number of lawsuit managed by each company is 37. One useful tool to reduce the risk of serious financial damage is umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance does two things. First, it extends the policy limits of other insurance policies that are named in the umbrella policy. Secondly, it may cover some claims that are not covered at all by other policies.

If a claim is made that exceeds the policy limit of some insurance that is covered by an umbrella policy, first the total amount of the policy limit is paid by the underlying policy and then the umbrella insurance kicks in to cover any excessive amount up to the maximum limit of the umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance can be customized to cover specific types of legal problems. Some legal risks that may be covered are legal fees for false arrest, and claims of libel or slander. Other things that may be covered are discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Consult with your insurance agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving the El Centro, CA area and the surrounding communities to discuss the types of coverage that may be available for your specific needs.

It is very common for umbrella insurance policy limits to be in the multiple millions of dollars. The minimum amount of coverage needed is at least a person’s net worth. If their net worth is $10 million, then the umbrella insurance should be at least that amount. The common sense reason for this is for asset protection in the case of a lawsuit.

It may be even better to go higher for the limit because after the full amount of insurance is exhausted, then a business owner may be liable for the difference needed to pay the settlement or judgment claim.

If you already have umbrella insurance or you need a new policy, talk with your agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA to make sure you have enough insurance to protect your assets and avoid a terrible financial disaster if some unforeseen thing occurs.

Seven Steps to Winterize Your Motorhome

Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay home! Motorhome owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area can still enjoy the pleasures of the open road, even in the darkest months of the year. Use these tips from Armor Insurance Group to get your motorhome ready for some winter fun.

  • Give your vehicle a good scrub down, inside and out – A thorough cleansing improves indoor air quality, which is vital in small and enclosed spaces. Leave the doors open and allow the air to sweep out any extra particles before you repack everything.
  • Keep a close eye on the weather – Sudden storms can leave you stranded without access to help. Check the weather forecast several days in advance before leaving your home.
  • Invest in a catalytic heater – These devices are perfect for heating your motorhome when you aren’t connected to grid energy. Not only does that give you more options for outdoor docking, but it’s also a safeguard for times when you can’t make it to a powered parking spot.
  • Insulate your water and sewage lines to prevent freezing while on the road – At night, turn off your water supply and open all your faucets to keep lines clear of icy clogs.
  • Plan ahead – Many campgrounds close during the winter. Get in contact with campgrounds along your route to ensure you’ll have a comfortable place to stay.
  • Plug up drafty spots – Use caulk or another hardening material to seal up cracks around doors, windows, and hatches.
  • Keep your freshwater tanks full to ensure your plumbing stays in working order.

Armor Insurance Group offers motorhome insurance for residents int he Virginia Beach, VA area. Contact us for more information on winter motorhome safety.


Winter RV Safety Tips For Virginia Beach

There is not an expiration date when it comes to enjoying your RV at various times of the year. You can enjoy spring melts, summer waters, autumnal colors, and winter snow all from the same framed view within your RV. However, RVing in certain weather does require additional safety considerations. At Armor Insurance Group, we want you to be equipped with all the knowledge you need for a safe trip in your RV this winter. 

Top RV Winter Safety Tips 

  • Don’t Take Your Water Systems For Granted. In the summer, spring, and fall, your water systems will likely work the same at all times. However, while traveling in the winter, it is a good idea to take extra precautions for your water lines to avoid them freezing and you not having water. Or worse, the lines busting leaving your RV with water damage. 
  • Check and Double Check Your Tires. Everyone knows icy winter driving can be hazardous in the best of conditions. When it comes to driving a huge RV with all those extra pounds of inertia to stop, it is vital to have the best tires for your vehicle and to check them often. 
  • Test Those Gas Lines. Whatever type of gas you use to heat your tiny home on wheels can pose a risk. So be sure to check, test, and double check those lines often. Errors when it comes to gas can be deadly, so err on the side of caution. 

Contact us at Armor Insurance Group if you want to make sure your RV insurance is up to par before you leave, or if you are in need of new RV insurance. We proudly serve Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding areas with quality insurance.