Why you need umbrella insurance if you are a small business owner

Most business owners believe that umbrella insurance should only be reserved for those with large businesses. However, umbrella insurance policy is meant for all types of businesses considering that every business is liable to a significant amount of risk.

Notably, the main function of umbrella insurance policy is to increase your liability limit. Your liability coverage policy can have auto liability, employer’s liability, and general liability coverage but their limits can be exceeded if the claim is serious. According to Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA, these are a few of the ways in which umbrella coverage can help your business.

  • It is very cost effective to have an umbrella policy compared to raising the amount that exceeds your liability limits
  • Your coverage can be expanded to several types of policies under a single umbrella policy
  • The umbrella coverage can help you cover certain claims which might not be covered by your primary liability policies
  • If your business partners are of a high net worth, an umbrella insurance policy will help with high-cost lawsuit settlements
  • Umbrella insurance policies will give you an overall peace of mind since you will have adequate coverage across all your policies.

Apart from helping you with liability settlements, an umbrella insurance policy will also cover legal expenses which might require a significant amount of compensation. In doing so, your business stability will not be threatened due to ongoing lawsuits.

Therefore, running a small business involves numerous expenses. As such, paying an extra fee for umbrella insurance may seem excessive. However, weighing the cost of the umbrella policy against the benefits of the coverage, you will notice that the benefits far outweigh the premiums. Undoubtedly, an umbrella coverage will be less expensive compared to when you opt to extend your policy coverage individually.

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In this regard, you should consider visiting Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA, to seek more information on the best umbrella coverage for your small business. Our agents can help answer your questions and guide you through policy limits.

When You Need Flood Insurance

Keeping your home properly protected from a calamity is very important. When you are looking to protect your Virginia Beach, VA home, it is essential to have all costly scenarios adequately covered. One additional type of insurance that many should consider getting, but don’t realize is separate from home insurance, is a flood insurance policy. There are two main situations when you will need to have flood insurance.

When you are in a Flood Zone

The federal government has established a flood map that designates which areas of the country are in high-risk flood areas. If your home is in an area that is considered high-risk, your mortgage lender will ask you to acquire flood insurance on top of your normal home insurance policy. In most cases, they will also escrow for your flood insurance costs to ensure that there is not a lapse in coverage. While it is not required by law, many mortgage lenders will also require flood insurance if you are in a moderate risk zone.  

Lack of Flood Protection

Another situation in which you should have flood insurance is if your home does not have adequate flood protection. If your home does not have a flood management system, such as a sump pump, you are vulnerable to the risk of flooding in your home. Since the cost of flood repairs are not often covered by a base home insurance policy, it would be a good idea to purchase the additional coverage. This coverage will protect you in the event a flood damages your home.  

For those that are in the Virginia Beach, VA area and think that they may need flood insurance, please reach out to the Armor Insurance Group immediately. The Armor Insurance Group will be able to provide you with information about whether you need flood insurance and what level of coverage you should receive. Our agents can answer your questions and provide you with a quote.

How is condo insurance different from home insurance?

Buying a condo is a lot like the purchase of a house. You are responsible for a mortgage, you are provided shelter, and your belongings are safe and protected there. However, there are several significant differences between condo insurance and home insurance. Armor Insurance Group, serving Virginia Beach, VA, wants to help you to explore your options.

Coverage of the Building and other Structures

When you insure a house, you have to obtain a policy broad enough to rebuild the entire house if necessary, and any other structures on the property, like fences, carports, or sheds. If you live in a condo, you probably share the space with other people. You only need to insure the inside part of your condo, because everything that is shared will be covered by the Homeowners’ Association insurance policy. This policy will be outlined in the bylaws of the HOA. A covered property will include exterior walls, the roof, parking lot, clubhouse, and even elevators that are part of your Homeowners’ Association. 


A regular homeowner’s insurance policy will help protect against liability, like when someone walking on the sidewalk might slip and fall. Because the HOA is responsible for that part of the property, they will be the ones held liable for any accident that occurs, with few exceptions.

Damages not Covered

It is important to read the policy regarding what is covered and what is not covered by your HOA. For example, most HOAs are not required to have flood insurance. If you incur damages as the result of a flood and do not have flood coverage, you may not be able to recover your losses.

Contact Armor Insurance Group serving Virginia Beach, VA for more information on condo insurance. Our agents can help answer your questions and get you started.

Why Newlyweds Should Get Life Insurance

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. It comes with tons of celebration, spending time with family and friends, romance, and many other wonderful things. It also marks the beginning of a brand-new set of responsibilities for you and your spouse. One of the biggest responsibilities that you will face is the purchase of a life insurance plan. If you don’t have life insurance in Virginia Beach, VA, now is the time to get it.

No one likes to think about something happening to themselves or their spouse, but you also want to know that in the event of an untimely death, your family will be taken care of financially. Often, surviving family members are left with financial burdens that they cannot handle, and this can result in debt, loss of credit, and financial ruin. If you have children, the need for life insurance is even more important and pressing.

Fortunately, finding a life insurance plan that meets all of your needs and will ensure the protection of your family no matter what is simple. When you’re a newlywed, you can often benefit from lower rates if you act right away. Most newlyweds are young, healthy, and just getting started with their careers, which means that you’ll likely get great rates and lots of options for both your plan and your spouse’s plan.

Contact Armor Insurance Group for More Information on Life Insurance

If you are a newly wed resident of Virginia Beach, VA and are looking for life insurance options, contact Armor Insurance Group to speak with one of our agents. We can help you find a life insurance plan that works for you and one that works for your spouse. Visit our office or give us a call today to learn more.

Why It Is Important To Review Your Auto Insurance Annually

As we all know, a lot can change in a year. As you drive throughout Virginia Beach, VA, you might get a traffic ticket, get into an accident, or something else. This gives you an important reason to review your auto insurance policy on an annual basis. At Armor Insurance Group, we have independent insurance agents that can work with you on the entire process, too.

Explore Coverage

Is the coverage that you have still sufficient? If you have had accidents in Virginia Beach, VA where you have to pay a significant amount of money out-of-pocket, you might want to increase your coverage as a way of providing additional protection. Such forms of protection include comprehensive and collision coverage.

Compare Rates

Your rates may have gone up. Additionally, things may have changed with you that would allow you to get discounted rates. Becoming a student, getting married, and various other things might entitle you to discounts. It’s a good idea to get quotes from at least three or four auto insurance companies. This will allow you to make some comparisons to see what the cost of insurance is going to be for the New Year.

Change Companies

If you have had problems with the insurance company that you have your policy with, it might be time to look at changing to a different company. If you have had problems logging into your online portal, communicating with them, or even paying your bill, they might not have the best reputation within the insurance industry. There are plenty of other companies, so it might be a good time to make the switch.

At Armor Insurance Group, we work with some of the top insurance companies that provide insurance in Virginia. Call and talk to one of our agents today and let us help you explore the various options that are available to you.

What Kind of Commercial Insurance Covers Attorneys At Law

Serving Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding areas, we want to develop a relationship with you to ensure your business is successful for the long term with reliable coverage to go with it.

Professional Liability Insurance

This is also known as E&O (Errors in Omission). This type of commercial insurance product deals with the professions where advice is given to clients. In addition to the main type of insurance that attorneys must carry, many other professions such as insurance brokers must carry this type of insurance as well. If an attorney incurs liability, usually via a civil lawsuit due to negligence in giving sufficient information to a client, which then leads to harm or damage to that client, this insurance will cover the inherent liability.

If an attorney also has an office where they practice law and see clients or potential clients they will have to have a commercial property insurance policy as well as a casualty insurance policy to cover liability exposure due to the presence of a structure.

Having a professional insurance agent decipher your individual areas of liability is important.

Put on The Full Armor

Putting on the full armor in this situation means that you have a relationship with your Armor Insurance Group agent. As your business grows, new liabilities and exposures for liability grow. That means your commercial insurance policy will change and evolve. This is not a one shot deal. 

Armor Insurance Group is a mainstay of the Virginia Beach, VA area. That’s where we come in, we want to help you protect your business so you can continue to to serve our great state. Reach out to our agents to learn more about commercial insurance and how it can benefit you.

What Are the Components of a Basic Home Insurance Policy in the State of Virginia

Home Insurance is a requirement in the state of Virginia. Armor Insurance Group wants to be the shield that protects your home ownership and other aspects of your life. Whether you live in Virginia Beach, VA or the surrounding areas we want you to come in and learn how we can be the company you trust. We offer comprehensive policies for home ownership starting with the basics which include:

Property Damage Coverage – covers your dwelling and the other structures which may be on your property such as a garage or shed 

Liability Coverage – covers you if you are sued due to issues on your home property or outside of your house.

Medical Payments Coverage – if you are deemed too negligent to someone either on your property or elsewhere, the injured party will be covered 

Additional Living Expenses Coverage – if you must leave your home while it is being restored 

In our state, severe weather conditions occur every year. This weather makes the need for flood insurance crucial. Many homeowners believe that their home policy automatically covers floods. This is typically not the case, and a special flood insurance policy must be drawn to cover this peril. 

Armor Insurance Group serves the Virginia Beach, VA community, and many surrounding areas. We are unique in that we offer over eight different types of insurance: 

  • automobile
  • flood
  • boaters and watercraft insurance
  • business and commercial
  • motorcycle
  • condo
  • life

Stop by our office or call today to get more information on how you can be protected in every aspect of your lifestyle. Our agents are here to answer any questions you may have about a home insurance policy. Reach out to us today!